The value of exports and imports are counted normally on contract prices. In most countries this is done by a single scheme: imports accounted for the so-called price cif (cost, insurance, freight), and export — by fob prices (free on board). The statistical evaluation of the value of export of goods on an «FOB» takes into account three components: self export product, service exports to the side of the ship, loading it on board. And the price «cif» — is the total value of goods ( «FOB»), its insurance and shipping (sea freight).

Export is an important feature of the economy, as playing a significant role in the development of the country. On the one hand the export replenish state coffers and increase the profits of domestic companies. On the other — it allows you to gain new knowledge and experience. This increases the competitiveness of the products, and the demand for it, which leads to increased production and, consequently, the industrial potential.

But in addition to all the familiar term, there is the concept of exports in terms of the Customs Service.

Exports for Customs — it is a special mode. It acts on the goods that are exported from the country without the obligation to return them back.




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